844 Buy An Ad (289-2623)

844 Buy an Ad (289-2623)

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Our digital billboard is located nearest to exit 147 on I-85 North in Commerce, GA. Start reaching as many as 75,000 people everyday with your message.

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Why Digital Outdoor Advertising?

Realtime Dynamic Content

Up to the minute messages, timely relevant content based on certain conditions.

Customizable Ad Campaigns

Countdowns, temperature, time, event outcomes and more.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your ads with a photo album from your social media accounts.

High Recall

Digital Outdoor Advertising has a higher recall than radio, magazine and newspaper ads.

Multi Message

Multiple messages with smaller amounts of information are easier to remember.

600% Revenue

Digital outdoor advertising can return up to 600% revenue over static messages.

Who We Are

Green Fern Advertising is an out-of-home (OOH) advertising company leading off with the only digital board along I-85 from the South Carolina/Georgia State line to Suwanee, GA and a desire to grow our network of digital billboards to other attractive markets in the surrounding area. We are focused on providing excellent customer service while offering unique advertising opportunities.