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844 Buy an Ad (289-2623)

Why Digital Outdoor Advertising?

Realtime Dynamic Content

Up to the minute messages, timely relevant content based on certain conditions.

With the powerful ability of Digital Billboards to deliver real time dynamic content; you can deliver up to the minute messages using RSS feeds at various times of day, special promotions based on weather conditions, or drive relevant content to commuters from news feeds.

Customizable Ad Campaigns

Countdowns, temperature, time, event outcomes and more.

Ad campaigns are easily customizable: build hype by adding a countdown to your display, or the outside temperature, the current time, the outcome of sporting events, current headline news, and more.

High Recall

Digital Outdoor Advertising has a higher recall than radio, magazine and newspaper ads.

According to Formetco, the nation’s leading supplier and manufacturer to the outdoor advertising industry: Did you know? Digital outdoor advertising has a higher recall than radio, magazine and newspaper advertisements.

– Source, Formetco

Multi Message

Multiple messages with smaller amounts of information are easier to remember.

Traditional ads require all relevant information to be incorporated into one design; however, digital provides the option to show several messages with a smaller amount of information in a series of rotations. This allows advertisers to create brief, visually interesting, multi-message digital designs that are easy for its audience to see and remember.

– Source, Formetco